Georgia Products: Kaolin and Mulcoa

July 21, 2021 is “Colonial Day in Savannah,” a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Colonial Group, Inc., a multigenerational family-owned parent company of a variety of subsidiaries headquartered in Savannah, including Colonial Terminals. In 1934, construction began on Colonial’s deep-water terminal on a 21-acre tract of land along the Savannah River. Colonial Terminals has since grown to include four deep water terminals providing storage for many different products, including kaolin, the Georgia-mined clay used to make high-gloss magazine-quality paper. Terminal 2 provides 40 concrete storage silos, with a total capacity of 120,000 short tons, used primarily for kaolin clay storage. An additional 70,000 square feet of flat storage warehouse space serves chiefly for Mulcoa, a registered trade name for alumina silica calcines. Mulcoa is a refractory material used in high-temperature applications made from the highest quality deposits in the U.S., many of which are found in Georgia.