Colonial Oil Industries and TICO Lead Sustainable Energy Transition in the Southeast with Launch of Renewable Diesel

Colonial Oil Renewable Diesel

Savannah, Georgia – Colonial Oil Industries, Inc. one of the largest independent oil and gas companies in the United States, is proud to announce a partnership with Neste, TICO, and Gateway Terminals in the offering of renewable diesel to customers and businesses in the region, marking a significant stride towards a more sustainable future in the Southeast.

"As a trusted supplier of quality fuels and logistics solutions for more than 100 years, Colonial Oil is proud to expand our offering to meet the sustainable energy needs of our land and marine customers. We endeavor to be the energy partner of choice in the markets we serve and our strategic relationship with Neste accelerates this ambition,” says Bob Kenyon, President of Colonial Oil Industries, Inc.

This partnership increases the availability of renewable diesel in the State of Georgia and throughout the Southeast. The renewable diesel will be supplied by Neste, the world’s leading producer of renewable diesel and sustainable aviation fuel and a forerunner in developing renewable and circular feedstock solutions for polymers and chemicals. Renewable diesel is a lower-carbon alternative to traditional diesel fuel, produced from renewable raw materials such as used cooking oil and animal fat waste. When compared to fossil diesel, the use of renewable diesel significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions over the fuel’s life cycle, making it a crucial player in the global effort to combat climate change.

“TICO is proud to partner with Colonial, GPA, and Gateway Terminals to lead the transition to renewable diesel, beginning with a Q1 deployment in our operations supporting the Port of Savannah. TICO Terminal Services and TICO Manufacturing are committed to advancing sustainability in terminal equipment driven by technologies that are both advanced and reasonable. TICO is proud to bring sustainability solutions that are immediate and reasonable,” says Duncan Pindar, Executive Vice President of TICO.

“In the drive to cut supply chain emissions, renewable diesel is a welcome option that both integrates well into current delivery models and provides important overall reductions in carbon and particulate matter. We are encouraged that Colonial Oil is bringing this product to market to help improve global air quality,” says Kevin Price, CEO of Gateway Terminals.

Key features of Colonial Oil's Renewable Diesel Offering Include: 

1. Environmental Impact: Renewable diesel can reduce emissions by up to 75%* over the life cycle of the fuel compared to fossil diesel, making it an ideal solution to combat climate change.

2. Performance: Renewable diesel offers comparable performance to fossil diesel, ensuring a seamless transition for consumers and businesses.

3. Compatibility: Renewable diesel is fully compatible with all diesel engines and does not require additional investments to the engines and fueling infrastructure. It can be used in its neat form or be blended with fossil diesel at any ratio.

4. Supply Chain Integration: With a robust supply chain and in partnership with CTI and Georgia Ports Authority, Colonial Oil will ensure a reliable and consistent source of renewable diesel for consumers, promoting this solution that is readily available today to help customers reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Colonial Oil and our partners are committed to a more sustainable future by standing firm in our dedication to environmental stewardship, innovations, and responsible practices, ensuring a better world for generations to come.

*) The GHG emission reduction percentage varies depending on the region-specific legislation that provides the methodology for the calculations (e.g. EU RED II 2018/2001/EU for Europe and US California LCFS for the US), and the raw material mix used to manufacture the product for each market.

About Colonial Oil Industries, Inc.:

Colonial Oil Industries, Inc., a division of Colonial Group Inc. based in Savannah; GA is one of the largest independent oil companies in the United States. For more than 100 years, Colonial Oil Industries has been providing fuel and lubricant supply and distribution services to wholesale, commercial, industrial, retail, marine, and cardlock customers across 34 states and growing. Customers depend on Colonial Oil Industries as their single-source supplier of quality solutions and exceptional partner experience. Colonial Oil Industries' network of ocean and pipeline terminals combined with its expansive delivery capabilities, allows customers to optimize their energy needs through data-driven management, fixed pricing programs, on-time deliveries, and live inventory monitoring. The Colonial Oil Industries team upholds the standards of integrity, service, entrepreneurship, and family with an unwavering pursuit of innovation that gives a myriad of businesses and agencies the power to perform.

About TICO:

Terminal Investment Corporation (TICO) took flight with the advent of container operations at the Port of Savannah five decades ago when TICO introduced a unique terminal equipment service model that delivers value in capital, terminal land efficiency, fleet management, and managed risk. The TICO port services business today deploys a fleet of approximately 1,800 TICO terminal tractors and 1,200 terminal trailers. Today we are two unique businesses. TICO Terminal Services partners with world-class ports and cargo operators deploying value-added equipment-related services. TICO Manufacturing has seized the number two global terminal tractor production market position through products, technology, and customer experience that are unique and brand-defining. Both business units are focused on innovation, customer experience, and sustainability. Learn more at

About Gateway Terminals:

Gateway Terminals LLC Savannah is a stevedore company dedicated to high-performance container terminal operations. The company is a joint venture between Ports America, Ceres Marine Terminals, Inc., and SSA Atlantic LLC who have consolidated container terminals, truck & rail gates, and stevedoring services. Bringing together three experienced organizations under one umbrella provides a compelling opportunity for growth, especially in light of the tremendous increase in demand for services to support Georgia Ports Authority (GPA), the nation’s third-busiest container port complex. Learn more at